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FCA to change logo in ‘brand refesh’

The FCA will change its logo over the Summer, Money Marketing sister title Mortgage Strategy has discovered.

The FCA’s offices in Canary Wharf

The regulator has registered two versions of a new logo, both in its current colours, according to Intellectual Property Office filings. One contains all capital letters, while the other only capitalises the first letter of each word.

An FCA spokesman says: “The updated logo is part of the FCA brand refresh and will be rolled out over the coming months. We can provide more details then.”

The spokesman adds: “We need a logo that needs to work well for digital use, takes into account accessibility considerations and meets our needs for both internal and external purposes. This is particularly important as we are planning to launch our first national TV advertising campaign on payment protection insurance later this year and move to new offices in Stratford next year.

“Consumer research in particular has helped inform our evolution of the FCA logo to ensure ‘Financial Conduct Authority’ is clearly legible and accessible. This will help to give them assurance when engaging with our advertising that it is an ‘official’ communication from the FCA.”

The FCA has had its current burgundy and white logo since it was formed from the Financial Services Authority in 2013.

A 2013 freedom of information request submitted by adviser forum Panacea Adviser owner Derek Bradley showed the FCA spent £57,000 on registering its current logo and on legal fees to resolve registration issues.

The regulator spent £48,000 on its brand identity and £91,000 developing its brand guidelines.

The FCA also updated its website last year.



FCA rolls back on Mifid II client call recording rules

The FCA has amended its proposal to require advisers to tape telephone calls under Mifid II by saying they can also make a written note of the conversation. In a September consultation paper the regulator proposed extending the recording requirement to all “Article 3” firms, which includes financial advice firms and corporate finance boutiques. Under Mifid II, […]

FCA interior 620x430

Financial firms save £1.2bn from FCA fine settlements

Financial firms have saved £1.2bn on their FCA fines over the past four years due to the regulator’s settlement discount mechanism. Currently, if banks and other financial firms are faced with enforcement action by the FCA, they can receive a 30 per cent discount if they settle the case at an early stage. Liberal democrat […]

FCA logo new 620x430.jpg

FCA could scrap and replace adviser register

Industry talks are being held between professional bodies and the FCA about scrapping the FCA register and replacing it with an alternative, Money Marketing can reveal. The discussions have been prompted by the senior managers regime, which came into force for banks, building societies and insurers in March 2016. It aims to ensure executives can […]

Old Mutual Wealth 2014

Old Mutual overhauls Cirilium fund charges in response to FCA study

Old Mutual Global Investors has changed the charges within the eight-strong Cirilium active and passive multi-asset portfolios in response to the FCA’s push for a fixed fee disclosure. Effective as at 1 June, the range will include a fixed ongoing charge, instead of the current ongoing charge figure. The key difference in the change is that […]


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  1. St James' Place Is Very Expensive Limited Advice 4th April 2017 at 3:17 pm

    Nearly £200,000 utterly utterly wasted, what a wonderful 3rd world country we live in when you take a peak under the bonnet.

  2. You are bloody kidding! They are not a commercial enterprise. Who cares about their logo. It could just as well be a used toilet roll. They are not an outfit that needs to attract business and their captive audience really doesn’t give a toss. As to the public – just walk down the street and see how many can tell you what FCA stands for, what it does or where it is based.

    How dare they have the effrontery to waste the money that their regulated firms have no choice but to pay.

  3. 100% no argument from me Harry – this time!! They probably needed to spend their external management consultant budget for the current year or something similar, otherwise they would lose it going forward, and they’ve already changed the firm they use to provide office plants and cooled water.

  4. I had to go and check how the current one differs from the one they have registered…

    …which just about sums it up really!

  5. Spot on Harry. How about a letter to the Treasury Select Committee or whoever it is that oversees them.

    About time they were held to account for all of their waste.

  6. And the costs above do not include all the new signage, stationery etc.

  7. …. and of course £200k is just the start of the cost. You then have the cost of new stationery, new signs, changing the website ……….

  8. Spendthrifts. Utterly irresponsible.

    Being able to opt-out of having to change our stationery would be a cushion to the heavy blow that this is.

  9. They are not a brand – Coke is a brand, Microsoft is a brand. The FCA is a regulator & has no funding apart from fees from those that it regulates. This is a disgraceful waste of our money but, once again, they act with impunity….. no one in Government will hold them to account

  10. I had to check the date again, and yes it’s not April 1st

  11. To what end? “It needs to work well for digital use” – well, that should have been thought of 5 years ago – digital wasn’t exactly new by then, was it? Also, why do they need a TV campaign? They are a regulator, not a campaign body……or am I being totally naïve?

  12. Thought….., “only the FCA can cut 2 inches off the top of a blanket, sew it to the bottom, then firmly believe they have a longer blanket”
    £200k is nothing compared to the new signs, matts, stationary etc etc etc

    I take it this will be paid for in part, by nil bonuses all round ? No I didn’t think so ….. abhorrent bunch of the worst kind of parasites ….. I give you the F C A ….

  13. Fecking

  14. Peter Blackburn 4th April 2017 at 8:36 pm

    ….are they selling some of the art work to pay for this?

  15. Play them at their own game 4th April 2017 at 9:28 pm

    To wind them up, whilst we changed our headed paper to show THEIR change of name as we as a firm didn’t need to change any of our client agreements and fees for RDR OTHER than the name of the regulator from FSA to FCA, as they are the same business in law (same company number) we simply inserted a one page addendum in our documents when issued to clients explaining THEY had changed their name, but not their company number.
    We’re still using the same addendum just to make the point that legally, they are one and the same and their directors (company limited by guarantee I think they are), their directors remain PERSONALLY liable all the way back to PIA days. On e day, one of them is going to come a cropper I hope.

  16. YOU JUST COULDN’T MAKE IT UP! Someone, somewhere in Govt. must surely have the brains to see that this is a complete waste of time, money and philosophy. The FCA amangement team should be ashamed of themeselves. They apparently do not have time to check out firms that are declaring themselves independent and then shoehorn their clients in their own part owned DFM, abuse the Data Protection Act and completely ignore legacy clients who have now built up massive CGT issues. No wonder cases of ‘whistle blowing’ are dropping when the FCA ignores what is put right under the noses.

  17. I guess I need to get another FOI request out, will do today.

  18. Well I had to check the date and still wonder if this is a late April fools joke. How can a regulator who are already under scrutiny over costs waste nearly £200k on a vanity project that benefits nobody, and this is only the initial costs. How many millions will be wasted on stationery, signs, pretty mouse mats and pens?

  19. Well at least they are moving offices to somewhere less expensive although I presume it is Stratford in London not Stratford on Avon in the Midlands. Another Shakespearean farce, you could make it up. Just how much of our money do they waste?

  20. I was wondering where Siobhan Sharpe of PR agency Perfect Curve had gone since W1A……

  21. Request posted. Please note the £200k was the 2013 cost. I suspect the discussions regarding this could have been scripted by the BBC’s W1A team.


  22. New tie, same suit.

  23. By the time I got round to wanting to comment on this, 22 of you had beaten me to it-and all saying much the same as I was going to!

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