Expat advice firm launches D2C platform


Advice firm AES International has launched a direct-to-consumer platform in a bid to cut costs for overseas investors.

Customers will be able to choose between a “do-it-yourself” and “guided” version providing some extra support.

Both services will have a flat fee, between 0.35 per cent and 1 per cent, but the final figure has not yet been disclosed.

The firm, which provides advice in 36 countries, says it is the first expat adviser to offer a direct product.

Chief executive Sam Instone says the international advice market has been slow to add direct services because “most offshore advisers are only interested in chasing large commission payments from international life companies”.

He adds: “We believe in adding value and that means only charging clients for what they actually need. Many clients are only interested in building an investment portfolio and so do not need full financial advice and the costs associated with it.

“A similar, platform based model has worked very successfully in the UK for a number of years now.”

AES was founded in 2004, has assets under management of £500m and has around 150 employees.