Evercore launches first funds for the retail market

Pan dynamic balanced and pan dynamic growth will invest primarily in index tracking exchange trading funds as well as other securities tracking a number of asset classes.

Both funds are currently positioned defensively to protect UK investors from losses in UK government securities as well as to take advantage out of falls in the pound. Minimum investment for retail investors is set at £1,000.

Pan Asset Capital Management launched in 2007 and partnered with Evercore Partners in July 2008. The firm focuses on asset allocation and index tracking with ETFs. Among its founders is Conservative MP John Redwood.

Redwood says: “We have long wanted to make our simple and good-value investment approach available to a wider range of clients. Today we are proud to be able to offer access to all qualified investors via this new fund range.”
”We believe investors want to keep it simple – complexity means more cost, more excuses, more scope to get it wrong. They want good value – they don’t want lose their gains in paying the manager’s fees”.