Embracing the ageing workforce

Working Britain is getting older. People are working longer, past retirement age – and not necessarily because they have to. It’s important to remember that while they might have different needs and priorities than their younger peers, older workers bring a huge amount of experience and value to a company.

Adapting your benefits offering to support a varied workforce not only benefits the employees themselves, but can also help to reduce staff turnover by boosting loyalty and morale. Don’t forget about the sandwich generation too – those people who are financially responsible for children, as well as an elderly relative. Ensuring that there is a good network in the workplace can be incredibly valuable when it comes to spotting mental or physical health issues early and helping to prevent sickness absence.

As the working world is constantly adapting, does your benefits offering need a bit of a shake up? Have a look at our free eBook on how to add or change an employee benefit to help you on the way.

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