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Edinburgh Fund Managers – Global Growth Portfolio

Wednesday, 31st January 2001.

Type: Unit trust.

Aim: Growth by investing in unit trusts and oeics.

Minimum investment: Lump sum £2,000 monthly £100, Isa lump sum £2,000 monthly £150.

Investment split: US 50 per cent, Europe 20 per cent, UK 12 per cent, Japan 9 per cent, Pacific and emerging markets 9 per cent.

Isa link: Yes.

Pep transfers: Yes.

Charges: Initial 3.25 per cent, annual 1.5 per cent.

Commission: Initial 3 per cent, renewal 0.75 per cent.

Tel: 0800 9175678.



There&#39s life in the old annuity yet

A paper presented to the Institute of Actuaries last month marks a major step forward in the evolution of annuities. Entitled, Reinventing Annuities, the report makes a strong case for annuitisation. Annuities work on the basis of pooled insurance. Those who die before their average life expectancy subsidise those who live beyond it. The case […]

The early birds are cashing in

Paying off a mortgage early is becoming one of the major reasons why people cash in their endowment policy before the end of the term. There is a substantial opportunity for IFAs to advise them of their options when it comes to cashing in their endowment. Nowadays, just 30 per cent of endowments sold relate […]

Scottish Life International times it right for Tessas

Scottish Life International has timed the introduction its latest income and growth bonus bond to coincide with the maturity dates of Tessas (tax-exempt special savings. Annual income can be taken at 11.2 per cent and quarterly income at 2.7 per cent. The growth alternative is fixed at 35.6 per cent, which is paid at the […]

ABI concedes polarisation defeat

The ABI has raised the white flag to the Treasury and FSA without a fight over phase one of the current polarisation consultation. The move has raised serious concern among IFAs that bigger life offices will steamroller through phase two without fighting the IFA cause. At an ABI polarisation working party sub-committee, Money Marketing understands […]

2015: a divergence in economic policy?

As the US continues to confound growth expectations and the eurozone’s ‘will they, won’t they’ saga has finally concluded, what are the implications for global markets? James Dowey, Neptune’s chief economist, puts forward his outlook for 2015 and the key considerations for investors.


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