Durell offers free portfolio analysis tools

Software provider Durell has launched a suite of portfolio analysis tools for advisers and their clients. The tools are included free within advisers’ existing software package and clients can access them through their adviser’s website.

The tools show fund price and valuation histories and allow advisers and clients to interrogate fund performance by asset class to assess their weight in each sector and risk split.

Durell director Robert White says the tools allow clients to avoid platform costs but still view their investments in a centralised location.

He says: “Our client-facing analysis allows advisers to add value to their client relationship and make their review process easier.

Anything that increases the perceived value of an adviser’s service without adding cost is an important development in light of the continued economic climate.”

FTRC director Ian McKenna says: “One of the key challenges for advisers is to be able to work with clients at a price they can afford. The sort of thing Durell is offering is very much the future for advice.”