Dominic Chappell arrested in BHS tax investigation


Former BHS owner Dominic Chappell has been arrested as part of a tax investigation following the collapse of the department store earlier this year.

The Guardian reports Chappell’s personal company, Swiss Rock, owes more than £500,000 in tax, including £365,000 in VAT and £196,306 in corporation tax. Swiss Rock was paid at least £1.6m by BHS as part of Chappell’s acquisition of BHS.

HMRC is said to have arrested Chappell in a dawn raid at his home near Blandford Forum in Dorset on 2 November, though he has since been released.

In a statement HMRC said: “We do not comment on identifiable cases, but can confirm we have arrested a 49-year-old businessman.” Chappell later confirmed his arrest to ITV News.

Earlier this month The Pensions Regulator began enforcement action to secure redress for 20,000 members of the BHS pension schemes.