Defaqto on Fidelity Multi-Asset Allocator Growth

Defaqto insight analyst for funds Fraser Donaldson says: “In October, Fidelity launched a new range of three multi- asset allocator funds, balanced, defensive and growth as part of its managed solutions range. Each fund offers multi-level diversification through one efficient portfolio. Investing in up to five different asset classes

“Fidelity multi-asset allocator growth invests mostly in global assets providing exposure to equities, commodities and property shares, but it will also have some exposure to bonds and cash. The fund is categorised in the IMA Active Managed sector. Fidelity multi-asset allocator balanced invests in a range of global assets providing exposure to bonds, equities, commodities, property shares and cash. The fund is categorised in the IMA Cautious Managed sector. Fidelity multi-asset allocator defensive invests mostly in global assets providing exposure to bonds and cash, but may also have some exposure to equities, property shares and commodities. The fund is categorised in the IMA Cautious Managed sector. 

“The funds are managed by Trevor Greetham, who joined Fidelity in January 2006 as asset allocation director. These funds will mirror the active Fidelity multi -asset defensive, growth and strategic funds, also run by Trevor Greetham, which utilise the same asset allocation and investment process but will use index tracker funds to implement asset allocation decisions. 

“Each fund will maintain a strategic asset allocation across each asset type. The manager will look to adjust the composition of each portfolio over time increasing exposure to those assets most likely to do well in the current market conditions.  

“These funds offer a dual charging structure that will appeal to many advisers. The clean fee option comes with no initial charge and a 0.5 per cent annual charge. Each has a specific risk profile and the multi asset approach should allow investors capital to be relatively protected in these volatile markets and will suit a variety of investor. Whether they are looking to move out of cash, require a core holding to sit alongside other satellite holdings or seeking a fund that has the potential to perform in all market conditions.   

“Over the last few months the market has seen a number of high profile investment houses launch low cost funds and no doubt the will be more to come. These funds from Fidelity certainly warrant further investigation. “