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Conservatives at odds over income tax rises

The Prime Minister is insisting the Conservatives’ tax plans have not changed after senior members of the party pledged not to raise income tax on higher earners.

The Conservative 2017 manifesto did not rule out income tax rises for the wealthy, according to the FT.

But defence secretary Michael Fallon told the Telegraph that voting Conservative was “the only way” people could be certain income tax would not rise.

He said: “We’re not in the business of punishing people for getting on, on the contrary we want people to keep more of their earnings.

“The only way they can be sure their taxes won’t rise is to vote Conservative. We already know your tax will go up if you vote Labour on Thursday.”

Meanwhile foreign secretary Boris Johnson said the party had “absolutely no plans to raise income tax”.

In a statement, Theresa May said: “It is our firm intention to reduce taxes for ordinary working families.”

The Conservatives’ efforts to clear up their income tax stance follows May’s U-turn on long-term care funding.


Lib Dem Conference 2011

Lib Dems mull flat rate pension tax relief in manifesto

The Liberal Democrats would consider a flat rate of pension tax relief if elected. In the party’s manifesto today, alongside a commitment to protect the state pension triple lock for the next parliament, the Liberal Democrats said they would launch a pension tax review to look at how a flat rate might work. The manifesto […]


Labour pushes for financial transaction tax

The Labour party says it will raise at least £4.7bn a year through a financial transaction tax set to hit share dealing and derivatives trading. Shadow chancellor John McDonnell told Sky News yesterday the party was asking for a “small contribution” from the City to help pay for public services. The revenue would be raised […]


Govt mulls death taxes for social care funding

The Conservative Party is reportedly considering funding changes to social care through increases on post-death taxes. Ahead of the party’s manifesto launch next week, the idea of higher inheritance tax or other reforms is being discussed by Conservative officials, according to the Financial Times. While Chancellor Phillip Hammond said at the Spring Budget that a […]


Labour plans tax rises for £80k-plus earners

Labour is proposing tax rises for individuals earning more than £80,000 with the policy move expected to be signed off later this week. The Times reports shadow chancellor John McDonnell has pledged to guarantee a five-year tax freeze for 95 per cent of voters. Labour also plans to rule out changes or increases to national […]

The Merchants Trust PLC – May 2017

Welcome to the latest update for The Merchants Trust PLC from the Trust’s portfolio manager, Simon Gergel. Side Thoughts from Simon Gergel… April saw the first day since the industrial revolution that no coal was used to generate electricity for the UK’s national grid. The Financial Times reported that around 34% of power was generated […]


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  1. Limited Company shareholding directors up to £500 each per month worse off since 6th April 2015. An attack on pensions – both on what can be contrbuted and, if you did save hard, a tax on the way back out. 60% effective income tax rate between £100k and £121k with loss of personal allowance.
    I’d expect this tax attack on effort/success/tryimng to be above average from Labour or the SNP as policy – but not ever from a Tory Government. They have lost the plot.

    • Iain

      A Tory Government? Well that’s news to me. I thought they were socialists – their policies certainly look like it. Indeed I reckon Tony Blair was more of a Tory than May.

      Actually May is also a nationalist – so do we have a resurgence of National Socialism? Now that’s a frightening thought.

  2. Andy Robertson-Fox 5th June 2017 at 10:06 am

    Sorry, or is it me but I cannot see anything in this article that indicates the Conservatives plan to increase income tax or at loggerheads over the question.

  3. Always good to see a cabinet working together. Surely someone reviewed the Manifesto before it was published, these mistakes were rather basic.

  4. Chris De Luca 5th June 2017 at 1:26 pm

    The Conservative manifesto was poorly put together and disseminated, there is no question of that, hence the confusion and mixed messages. Labour’s manifesto, on the other hand, is much clearer in its attempt to bribe everyone but far, far more dangerous for the country if they do enact all their promises. The costs of nationalisation, Trident (which JC will never use under any circumstances, university fees et al will require massive extra borrowing and a run on the pound – and that’s before any concessions to the SNP in return for their support. But why should we be surprised, both Corbyn and McDonnell have expressed their admiration for how Chavez had created a ‘hard-left’ utopia in (NB oil-rich)Venezuela and how’s that working out now? McDonnell as Chancellor? – even Ken Livingstone, while Mayor, sacked him from running London’s finances and as for Diane Abbott as a minister, she makes Boris Johnson look positively statesmanlike! The party that has shown true clarity of thought and professionalism in this campaign has been the Greens – not that I agree with the majority of their proposals however!
    Harry, I hope you weren’t implying May is a closet Nazi, that would be a disgraceful slur and with no evidence whatsoever.

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