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Conservative minister Ros Altmann expelled from Labour party

Ros Altmann

Pensions minister Baroness Ros Altmann has been expelled from Labour after it was discovered she was a party member while holding her post in the Conservative Government, the Huffington Post UK reports.

The website quotes a Labour source saying Altmann “has been a fully paid-up member since March 2014 – until we expelled her today”.

Altmann was appointed pensions minister by Prime Minister David Cameron following his election victory in May, meaning she has spent four months as a Conservative Government minister while simultaneously being a member of the opposition.

Hargreaves Lansdown head of pensions research Tom McPhail has played down the significance of the revelation.

He says: “It was already widely known that Ros had advised the Blair government on pensions policy. She had also been a close ally of the Liberal Democrat pensions minister Steve Webb.

“Ros was brought into the current Government because she has very considerable expertise in pensions and because she has been an effective campaigner for justice on pension related issues. Her political sympathies are less important than whether she can perform a good job as the pensions minister.”

The Department for Work and Pensions was unavailable for comment.



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  1. Is this a sign that Corbyn will reverse pension freedom?

  2. What on earth was Ros doing being a member of THAT party? And as recently as 2014. And what was Cameron about enlisting a Labour member – experience or not. I’m amazed that she should have joined as late as last year particularly in view of the shabby treatment she received when associated with the Blair government.

    It rather does cast some doubt on her mind set and suitability. Or was this all just some sort of cunning ploy?

    What next Corbyn as foreign policy adviser to the Tories?

  3. The phrase “hedging ones bets” comes to mind.

  4. So is this a case of acting in an honest and open manner (not)!

    Should a person acting as pension minister be behaving like this when most of the people acting in financial services are meant to be adhering to fit and proper person regimes.

    I am reminded of the man who did not pay the correct railway fee – who found himself banned for life from financial services.

    My suggestion for Baroness Altmann is to read the rules in connection with fit and proper person which includes honesty! Surely somebody acting as pension minister should have a degree of integrity even if the rules allow her to join the Labour Party.

    Perceptions are everything when you’re trying to encourage a profession to act with integrity and honesty at all times.

  5. What an incredibly childish reaction from the Labour party. They are about (apparently) to elect a totally useless individual as their party leader and they expel someone whose experience of government might at some time in the future prove valuable.
    Who gives a toss about the political beliefs, if any, that are involved? No one gets into power without picking up the middle ground and to that extent the major political parties are largely indistinguishable.
    Reality does eventually rear its ugly head in politics – Corbyn will last about as long as leader as Ian Duncan Smith did in the Conservative party.

  6. Blair Cann I do not care about her political believes, but she has accept the conservative wipe and is a Conservative Minister. I would have thought that on the Labour membership form there would be a declaration that asks are you a supporter of the Labour policies?!

  7. Reminds me of John Redwood bumbling through the Welsh National anthem when he was Welsh Secretary !!

    Or, Zola Budd being given British Citizenship to compete for us……

    Or, names put forward on the honors list……..

    We certainly lack integrity ! or maybe it just doesn’t really matter, to those who walk the corridors of Westminster !

  8. Peter Herd-so what? We agree that her beliefs are irrelevant. Policies change every five minutes so how stupid would a suggestion that all policies must be accepted be? They are about to change shortly if Corbyn gets elected and half the labour party won’t agree with them.
    Ros Altman was a shrewd choice of Pensions Minister and she doesn’t need to be a committed socialist or rabid conservative to discharge her duties – just reasonably competent in the pensions area.

  9. Andy Robertson-Fox 8th September 2015 at 1:01 pm

    Probably under the Labour of Blair it was mandatory for her to be a member and she simply overlooked cancelling her standıng order when he rejected her pension proposals.
    What I find amusing but, gıven the chaos of the leadershıp electıon understandable, is that it has taken so long for the Labour party to discover it. I wonder if she got ballot papers for the Labour leadership contest?

  10. I’m amazed this is such a story. It’s hardly a surprise that Altmann signed up for the Labour Party, she’s been involved in politics for years and I honestly thought she’d already been a cross-party “tsar” of some kind under the Brown “government of all the talents”. I appear to be wrong but it’s still not outlandish that she had some reason to join the party at some point.

    And it’s also not a surprise that she kept the subscription going. I’ve been living at my current address for two years, and every month through my letterbox drops a specialist magazine for mountain climbers addressed to the previous resident. It must cost him £50 a year or more and yet he’s never bothered to update his address. Not bothering to cancel a Labour Party subscription is perfectly understandable.

  11. Say what you like. Ros is still my hero and always will be; she says it like it is and doesn’t toe any party line. I’d choose her over any of the politicos and other “here today, gone tomorrow” people who have done so much to ruin pensions for the private sector.

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