CIO group set up to influence investment industry

A CIO group called 300 Club, made up of ten CIO members, has been set up to push for action on the fundamentals of the investment industry and investing.

The group includes Schroders’ Alan Brown, Royal London Asset Management’s Robert Talbut, BNP Paribas Investment Partners’ William De Vijlder, Société Générale’s Dylan Grice, Kempen Capital Management’s Lars Dijkstra, Aon Hewitt’s Zuhair Mohammed, QIC’s Adriaan Ryder and Create Research’s Professor Amin Rajan.                       

Chairman of The 300 Club is Hermes Fund Managers’ CIO Saker Nusseibeh.                         

300 Club sets out its mission as “to raise awareness about the potential impact of current market thinking and behaviours, and to call for immediate action.”

The group believes that current financial and investment theory and practice run the risk of  failing investors at their time of greatest need.

300 Club chairman Saker Nusseibeh says: “The 300 Club has come together because we believe that this moment of crisis could be the harbinger of greater danger to come.  It is our hope that we are able to raise enough awareness of this threat to allow the investment community to address the challenges in a better way and to minimise the ultimate impact on savers and pensions from all corners of the globe.”