CII launches qualification for new pensions staff

Chartered-Insurance-Institute-CII.jpgThe Chartered Insurance Institute has launched a life and pensions qualification for new entrants to the sector that will support the companies signed up to its professional standards charter.

The qualification is a level three certificate and will include information on the sector’s role and activities, customer needs and products, and working within a regulatory and legislative sector.

The qualification launch follows the CII announcing its voluntary framework of professional standards in June, which it hopes will boost public confidence after the introduction of the pension freedoms.

Companies that sign-up to the framework commit to having the majority of customer-facing staff working towards certificate-level or equivalent qualifications.

CII director of financial markets Steve Jenkins says: “This new route is designed to meet the professional development needs of early-career employees working for life and pensions organisations, providing a solid grounding in how the sector meets customer needs within the regulatory and consumer environment.”