CII alternative to exam to launch in March

The launch of the Chartered Insurance Institute’s QCF level four alternative assessment has been pushed back to next March.

The professional body has been piloting the non-exam route with IFAs and had originally expected to launch in Q4 this year.

Speaking at a CII RDR conference yesterday Personal Finance Society chief executive Fay Goddard (pictured) said: “We have every intention of offering the alternative assessment, the non-exam route. It is an intensive process and a full day assessment. Advisers will be tested on technical knowledge which is based on the exam standards and portfolio evidence.

“We are piloting this and we want to get the process right and intend to launch it in March. If people are really exam-averse, it is an option. It is not easy and it is not cheap but it is a way of doing the qualification orally by presenting materials and being assessed individually.”