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Chaser understands issues better than FOS

In response to last week’s article on claim-chasers moving into whole of life, I must stress that your editorial line is one-sided and not representative of the true picture.

Many of your readers are the very “professionals” that have caused the endowment misselling crisis, the PPI misselling crisis, and what may turn out to be the whole of life misselling crisis.

We have a track record of winning clients much more than they would get themselves, fact. We know the vendors will do every-thing to reject and minimise their losses on genuine claims. We know the vast majority of people using our service are delighted with it and would recommend us. The reason that people do not complain is they are often unaware of the potential missale until it is too late and they have suffered financial hardship.

We do not know the full scale of the whole of life market, which is why we were very careful to explain that this was an initial market trial. We were keen to suggest you waited for a week or two to do the story, when we would have a better idea of the facts.

You neglected to tell your readers that this is not even a market we may consider financially viable. Therefore, rather than chasing it as you suggest, we may not be interested in it at all.

In terms of us having the skills or qualifications, we have invested millions in staff training and IT, and have numerous examples of the fact that we understand the issues a lot better than FOS, the FSA and so-called other industry professionals.

If you would like to run a more serious story about how consumers have been let down again by the financial services industry that is supposedly there to protect them, then please get in touch.

Ian Allison
Corporate relations director


Human casualties

On balance, I really enjoy my job but currently I am throwing my toys out of the pram daily. Every day, my head spins attempting to establish where the market is and every day all I get is a constant stream of emails from lenders telling me, if I am lucky, that I have until the close of business that day to get the application in before rates get withdrawn and then go up.

AMI addresses crunch questions

The Association of Mortgage Intermediaries has published a white paper on credit crunch solutions for the industry. It suggests looking at new areas of funding such as sovereign wealth funds.


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