Why the US will avoid a recession this year and next (just)

Last night saw the US president’s State of the Union speech which addressed to a joint session of the Congress. During the 90 minute speech, he said he launched an “unprecedented economic boom” – despite taking office amid said booming economy. AXA IM’s David Page assesses the current state of the US economy. US recession […]

Trevor Greetham: US recession fears are premature

Global growth is slowing but America remains strong Volatility returned with a vengeance in 2018 after an unusually quiet 2017. Wall Street suffered its worst December since the Great Depression, leaving global stockmarkets lower for the year in sterling terms for the first time since 2011. UK property was a relatively bright spot, however, and […]

John Chatfeild-Roberts: Why markets left 2018 with a whimper

Few investments saw high returns last year Markets last year were akin to a boxing match, with investors strutting into the ring in January 2018 full of beans and swagger, but ending it on the canvas, down but not knocked out. It was a bruising year, especially for equities globally, and despite a short-lived post-Boxing […]

Bill McQuaker: Tech investment story has only just begun

For more than 25 years, investors have been faced with the ups and downs of the technology sector, and 2018 was no exception. Of course, the “dot-com” boom and subsequent bust in the late 90s and early 2000s, best characterised by the now popular “irrational exuberance” phrase coined by former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan, […]

BlackRock joins forces with Microsoft to build new retirement platform

BlackRock has teamed up with Microsoft to build a platform to help people make better decisions for retirement planning. While the plans are US-based currently, the difficulties of planning and funding retirement are worldwide. The technology will bring together BlackRock’s investment capabilities with Microsoft’s technology strength with the goal to take advantage of both and […]

Anthony Willis: Volatility ahead for US after midterms

Political noise from Washington is likely to increase in volume A recent visit to the US to meet fund managers, strategists and analysts left us reassured that, for now, the US economy is in decent shape. But we were not convinced market momentum would be sustained. The S&P reached a record high during our visit, […]

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Why style differentiation matters in US equity investing

The influence of a fund’s style is important, especially when investing in such an efficient and broad market as the US equity space. To give an example, the 10 top-performing funds over the past five years in the IA North America sector all happen to sit in the large-cap growth space according to Morningstar, whereas […]

Sector focus: Can history of strong performance in US be maintained?

Solid returns have been witnessed across the board within the North America sector, but only time will tell whether or not the growth enjoyed by investors can continue The American Dream is the long talked about ethos of the United States; the dream of opportunity for prosperity and success. But is this the case for […]

Bill McQuaker: Is it crunch time for asset owners?

There are signs trouble may be on the horizon around the world The leading story of 2018 is continuing to develop as we move closer to the end of the year. This story is the strong outperformance of the US economy and its equity markets, while the rest of the world lags behind. But like […]