Anthony Willis: Volatility ahead for US after midterms

Political noise from Washington is likely to increase in volume A recent visit to the US to meet fund managers, strategists and analysts left us reassured that, for now, the US economy is in decent shape. But we were not convinced market momentum would be sustained. The S&P reached a record high during our visit, […]

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Why style differentiation matters in US equity investing

The influence of a fund’s style is important, especially when investing in such an efficient and broad market as the US equity space. To give an example, the 10 top-performing funds over the past five years in the IA North America sector all happen to sit in the large-cap growth space according to Morningstar, whereas […]

Sector focus: Can history of strong performance in US be maintained?

Solid returns have been witnessed across the board within the North America sector, but only time will tell whether or not the growth enjoyed by investors can continue The American Dream is the long talked about ethos of the United States; the dream of opportunity for prosperity and success. But is this the case for […]

Bill McQuaker: Is it crunch time for asset owners?

There are signs trouble may be on the horizon around the world The leading story of 2018 is continuing to develop as we move closer to the end of the year. This story is the strong outperformance of the US economy and its equity markets, while the rest of the world lags behind. But like […]

Invesco seals merger with OppenheimerFunds to break $1trn mark

Invesco has sealed a deal to acquire OppenheimerFunds as the firrm looks to break into the top 10 global investment managers. The deal will see OppenheimerFunds parent Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company sell the asset manager to Invesco, with MassMutual taking a 15.5 per cent stake in Invesco in return. Invesco will manage $1.2trn (£920bn) […]

Investment Insight: Can we predict today’s economic cycles?

Economic relationships change, meaning that predictions can often prove wrong Much of Europe has enjoyed an unusually warm summer. But as the nights draw in and leaves turn brown, winter is somewhere around the corner. Like summers, economic expansions do not last forever. As the US expansion approaches its 10th birthday, investors may wonder how […]

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Behind the numbers: How passive ESG funds really fare against their active rivals

A deeper look into how to make sustainable investing possible through the use of passive funds Sustainable investing has become a hot topic as more and more investors are looking to align their investments with their values. The market share of European equity funds that consider environmental, social and governance factors has almost doubled to […]

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Does sustainable investing bring weaker returns?

People are increasingly aware of responsible investing but questions remain over the returns As we move from the industrial age to the information age, society’s attitude towards protecting the planet has changed considerably. The results of the damage being done to the environment, in the form of more frequent and more intense natural disasters, are […]


Lehman Brothers: Assessing the fallout 10 years on

This month marks the 10-year anniversary of the start of the global financial crisis in 2008. While it began with the sub-prime mortgage market disasters of the previous year, the collapse of investment bank Lehman Brothers was what sparked the full global crash, according to most commentators. To commemorate the past decade and how it […]