7IM poaches from Coutts for new chief strategist

7IM has poached Coutts Investments’ former head of investment strategy Terence Moll to join its investment management team. He will join the platform and discretionary manager as chief strategist. Moll’s former roles span the investment and pension space. He was formerly head of multi-asset allocation for the Universities Superannuation Scheme, as well as holding roles […]

Bill McQuaker: Finding pockets of value late in the cycle

Investing at this stage of the market cycle is a tough balancing act. While over-exposure to risky assets leaves a portfolio vulnerable when a correction really bites, taking too much risk off the table too soon can mean missing out on the remaining opportunities which may still present themselves over the coming months. With so […]

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7IM drops gold and adopts general commodities strategy

Seven Investment Management has cut gold from most of its multi-asset portfolios as it moves towards general commodities. 7IM first started eliminating gold from its portfolios last November, when it was cut by 1 per cent across portfolios, and then again this February, with a further 2 per cent cut. Now, it has dropped gold from […]


Old Mutual global equities head: ‘We are looking for quality, not cheap stocks’

Old Mutual global equities head Ian Heslop has cautioned against managers pinning their hopes to interest rate predictions, as he suggests that the value investing style could still play second fiddle to growth for some time to come. In an interview with the Telegraph, Heslop says that investors trying to forecast metrics like interest rates, […]


What next for multi-asset?

The multi-asset label covers a diverse and complex range of investment funds and approaches. The common characteristic is that they deliver a return profile which reduces the risk of investing in those asset classes individually. Multi-asset fund managers aim to deliver superior returns while balancing the portfolio to ensure that the level of risk being […]

Disparities in fund sectors criticised in study

An analysis of the two most popular Investment Association mixed asset sectors has revealed wide variation in asset allocation that could have implications for advice suitability. Risk profiler Dynamic Planner researched the IA 20-60 per cent Shares and IA 40-85 per cent Shares sectors, assessing both asset mix, volatility and performance. Cash holdings in the […]


Morningstar downgrades Woodford’s equity income fund

In a new blow for Neil Woodford, Morningstar has downgraded his signature £6bn equity income fund from silver to bronze following concerns about its positioning. Morningstar senior research analyst Peter Brunt says that “extreme positioning” in less-liquid parts of the market have made the fund “less nimble” than others. He says: “While Neil Woodford is […]