BlackRock launches pensions-focused multi-asset fund

BlackRock has launched a multi-asset strategic growth fund targeted at defined benefit and defined contribution pension schemes seeking long-term growth and less volatility than equities. A minimum of 5 per cent of the fund’s capital will be invested in to environmental, social and governance themes. BlackRock, which manages $6.44 trillion of assets globally, also says […]

David Coombs: Does the Fed need to slow down?

Interest rates in the US are rising fast. But how fast? The 10-year yield rose 19 basis points over the past quarter to 3.06 per cent. It rose as much again to 3.25 per cent in the first nine days of October. This rapid uplift was sparked by consistently strong employment growth and the realisation […]


The true cost of leaving a DFM

Exit fees can mean advisers are hit with high and unpredictable costs, but are they justified?   Many advisers have been caught out with the unexpected burdens that come with trying to leave a platform, and an increasing number of them are looking into the potential pitfalls that exiting discretionary fund manager services could bring as […]

Equilibrium on why in-house trumps DFMs for investments

Equilibrium Asset Management partner and investment manager Mike Deverell explains why the company’s in-house approach to investing compares favourably against the use of DFMs What does your investment management approach look like? We run our investment management in-house. We focus on asset allocation and buy collective investments including open-ended investment companies, unit trusts, some exchange-traded […]

Mixed Investment 0-35% Shares

Sector focus: Mixed Investment 0-35% Shares

The newest of the Mixed Investment sectors is six years old, but how is the space as a whole looking? Over the past few years, multi-asset funds have been possibly the most talked about investment product. A way to combine a multitude of assets within one fund at a lower cost, they are an easy […]


Impact investors could find sustainable development goals are a damp squib

Ahead of Good Money Week, new ways to approach sustainable investing are on many people’s radars The Sustainable Development Goals, unveiled by the United Nations in 2015, have become the de facto benchmark for measuring the sustainability and societal impact of investment portfolios. The 17 Global Goals, which aim to transform our world by 2030, […]

7IM poaches from Coutts for new chief strategist

7IM has poached Coutts Investments’ former head of investment strategy Terence Moll to join its investment management team. He will join the platform and discretionary manager as chief strategist. Moll’s former roles span the investment and pension space. He was formerly head of multi-asset allocation for the Universities Superannuation Scheme, as well as holding roles […]

Bill McQuaker: Finding pockets of value late in the cycle

Investing at this stage of the market cycle is a tough balancing act. While over-exposure to risky assets leaves a portfolio vulnerable when a correction really bites, taking too much risk off the table too soon can mean missing out on the remaining opportunities which may still present themselves over the coming months. With so […]

gold bars and coins

7IM drops gold and adopts general commodities strategy

Seven Investment Management has cut gold from most of its multi-asset portfolios as it moves towards general commodities. 7IM first started eliminating gold from its portfolios last November, when it was cut by 1 per cent across portfolios, and then again this February, with a further 2 per cent cut. Now, it has dropped gold from […]