Fixed income

Kelly Prior: What’s your fixed income outlook?

What does the outlook for fixed income look like for the rest of the year? It was a sobering start to the year for fixed income, and we observed a more divided set of opinions than we have seen for a long time. Aside from the brief wobble in the last week in December, which […]

Sector Focus: Sterling Strategic Bond no longer a safe haven?

Brexit, trade tensions and market volatility have all cast a shadow over fixed-income investments Over the years, bonds have been considered a safe investment for many, designed for income. But recent months have seen fixed income change its natural characteristics to become somewhat riskier than before, no longer providing investors with a safe haven for […]

Bryn Jones Rathbones

Meet the Manager: Rathbone Unit Trust Management head of fixed income Bryn Jones

Rathbone Unit Trust Management head of fixed income Bryn Jones on looking out for future generations Many investors used to shy away from ethical funds because there was the perceived notion that returns would not have been as high as their non-ethical counterpart funds. However, Bryn Jones’ £1.2bn Rathbone Ethical Bond fund has seen returns […]

Sanlam sells strategic bond business to Man GLG

Discretionary manager Man GLG has bought Sanlam’s strategic bond business. Both the fund management team and the assets under management will tranfer from Sanlam Four, the boutique management arm of vertically integrated advice business Sanlam Group, subject to regulatory approval. The firms did not reveal the cost of the deal. Portfolio managers Craig Veysey and […]

Hargreaves-backed manager: ‘Value’ and ‘growth’ labels should be scrapped

According to most advisers and market commentators, fund managers adhere to a simple style – typically classified as either “value” or ”growth”. At a basic level, value stocks are typically viewed as companies trading on ‘low’ valuation ratios, such as price-to-earnings and price-to-book, and growth stocks trade on relatively higher ratios due to greater growth […]


How bond investors can exploit news-driven market dislocations

Long-term investors can sidestep the impact of short-lived news flow and steer portfolios through this shift in monetary policy Global central banks, led by the US Federal Reserve, have taken the initial steps along the path of monetary policy normalisation by scaling back quantitative easing programmes and raising base interest rates. As the period in […]