CFI seminars to help IFAs gap-fill on green issues

Carbon Footprint Investments is offering training seminars aimed at IFAs undertaking retail distribution review gap-filling requirements which will look at investment opportunities presented by issues around climate change.

The seminars will look at legislation relating to climate change, how carbon emission issues will affect the investment market and the opportunities it provides for investors.

CFI wants to get the courses accredited and chief executive Ralph Pettengell says the introduction of a carbon price floor in the Budget is just one element that IFAs will need to understand.

Pettengell says: “Climate change regulation is going to have a significant and increasing impact on the way we invest and just what IFAs need to know to ensure their clients do not become stranded in rapidly devaluing stock.

“In researching funds, IFAs will now have to factor in the fund manager’s policy on climate change and ensure it takes into account what could be significant costs inflicted on companies by ever tougher changes to legislation.”

CFI is running the seminars on request and they will cover specific legislation such as the EU’s emiss- ion trading scheme, the Climate Change Act 2008 as well as wider the question such as what defines a carbon footprint.

Gaeia Partnership director Helen Tandy says: “Many IFAs might think investing in green funds might not be good for business but there is money to be made. There is a lot of shifting pieces in the green investment world with legislation and regulation constantly changing and IFAs need to understand what is happening to maximise results for their clients.”