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Wells Street Journal: Comic meets pensions expert in Twitter brawl

Irish funnyman Dara Ó Briain waded into an unexpected Twitter brawl with Fidelity Worldwide Investment retirement director Alan Higham last week, with the pair exchanging blows on tax. Ó Briain, a panel show heavyweight and host of maths programme School of Hard Sums, made a daring foray into the technical world of pensions legislation, slamming […]

Jesse Norman TSC

Wells Street Journal: Conservative MP in jammy dodger bribery scandal

Treasury select committee member Jesse Norman is under investigation by police over suggestions he attempted to bribe voters in his constituency of Hereford and South Herefordshire with jammy dodgers. West Mercia Police have confirmed that Norman, who won the seat for the Conservatives in 2010, is under scrutiny after photos emerged of the parliamentary candidate […]

Wells Street Journal: Pension experts escape to the Caribbean

It seems the heat produced by the roll out of the new freedoms is not enough for some pension experts who have swapped mild Blighty for the tropical heat of the Caribbean. Fidelity Worldwide Investment retirement director Alan Higham and LEBC group savings and investment divisional director Glynn Jones are due to fly to Grenada […]


Wells Street Journal: Sun and booze makes Friends Life lose

Something very weird happened to the stockmarket last week. It all started when Friends Life, the provider which has now been subsumed by Aviva, saw its share price plummet almost 6 per cent on the morning of 8 April. So what had caused this mass sell-off? Reports of jitters about the imminent mega merger? Or […]

Easter starts early for rock music-loving economists

As the prospect of a four-day weekend loomed large last Thursday afternoon, WSJ suspects many of the nation’s workers let their thoughts drift to the impending 96-hour hiatus. But you would expect senior economists to be more resistant to such commonplace distractions. And yet as 5pm approached, PwC senior economic adviser and former Monetary Policy […]


Wells Street Journal: Adviser riler Hoban to earn £150k for 7hrs a week

Parliament dissolved last week, and in so doing it brought to a close the sad end of a number of parliamentary careers. Gordon Brown, Jack Straw, William Hague, Glenda Jackson and Mark Hoban are among the individuals having to cover up the letters “MP” on their engraved stationery. Few are likely to be kicking their […]


Wells Street Journal: Aunty’s Twitter Farce

The BBC has been under plenty of scrutiny over the past week, agonising over whether or not to sack a man for punching another man. So perhaps it was with an eye on less contentious territory that the Beeb launched itself into providing information on next week’s pensions reforms. Radio 5Live sought to illuminate the […]


Wells Street Journal: Hypocrites Robertson?

With all the excitement of next week’s pension freedoms, it’s easy to forget the other reforms coming into force on 6 April. Of these, the charge cap on default auto-enrolment funds has been among the most disruptive to pension providers. And many in the pensions and asset management industries put up an almighty battle over […]


Wells Street Journal: Pension firm trying to pass the time

With the biggest pension reforms in a generation less than two weeks away, pension providers and administrators are no doubt working flat out to ensure they are ready for 6 April. Equiniti, however, appears to have more pressing matters on its mind. According to a press release which dropped into WSJ’s inbox this week, the […]


Wells Street Journal: Adviser eyes internet empire

How did you spend your Budget day? Most will have been glued to office chairs, interpreting the Chancellor’s words, the 100 page Budget document and several consultations, trying to work out the consequences for their firms. No doubt some hardy souls were down the local Wetherspoons playing Budget bingo, sloshed by Osborne’s 30th mention of […]

Wells Street Journal: Honesty not the best policy

There are many things that can scupper an election campaign. An off-guard comment criticising constituents, revelations of an extramarital affair, police investigations – all come high up on the list. Less common, though no less damaging, is when a candidate heaps praise on their opponent. But that is what Partnership director of corporate affairs Jim […]