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Steve Webb urges bold pension tax relief reform with flat-rate below 30%

Pensions tax relief reform is set to become a key battleground ahead of next year’s general election, with Liberal Democrat pensions minister Steve Webb pushing for radical changes that would see the introduction of a flat-rate set below 30 per cent. Last month, the Centre for Policy Studies published an explosive report that reignited the […]


Chris Hannant: What the FCA’s board minutes say about the regulator

One of the August traditions is the publication of A-level and GCSE results together with the newspaper pictures of young people celebrating. Alongside this year’s results there was much comment about the fall in the top grades as efforts to make the exams harder begin to bite. This was followed, perhaps unsurprisingly, by employers and […]

M&G Corporate Bond

Richard Woolnough’s M&G Corporate Bond fund has seen its size shrink from £6.08bn to £5.63bn over the six-month period. Only £5.44m of this is due to negative performance, with the remaining £441.60bn coming from outflows. M&G moved to stem flows into the fund last year. Back to Money Marketing

M&G Strategic Corporate Bond

M&G moved to stem inflows into Richard Woolnough’s M&G Strategic Corporate Bond during the summer of 2012. The fund witnessed outflows of £343.9m in the six months to the end of July. When combined with negative performance of £20.9m, this led to its size falling from £5.64bn to £5.27bn. Click here for the next fund

Invesco Perpetual Corporate Bond

The Invesco Perpetual Corporate Bond, managed by Paul Causer and Paul Read, made first quartile returns of £72.4m in the six months to the end of July, although this was offset by £331m in outflows. The fund’s size fell from £5.87bn to £5.61bn during this time. Click here for the next fund

Henderson Institutional Long Dated Credit

Philip Payne’s Henderson Institutional Long Dated Credit fund went from assets of £1.06bn to a little under £860m over the six months. Performance added £15.71m to its size but this was offset by net outflows of around £211m. Click here for the next fund

Schroder All Maturities Corporate Bond

The Schroder All Maturities Corporate Bond fund, managed by Alix Stewart and Divya Manek, saw its size fall to close to £1.07bn by the end of July, down from about £1.26bn six months before. FE Analytics shows £204.4m in net outflows over the period, despite positive returns of £20.3m. Click here for the next fund

The 20 worst performing funds of 2013’s opening half

Rank Fund Six-month return (%) 1 MFM Junior Gold -59.03 2 CF Ruffer Baker Steel Gold -56.08 3 WAY Charteris Gold Portfolio -50 4 SF Webb Capital Smaller Companies Gold -45.67 5 BlackRock Gold & General -43.31 6 Smith & Williamson Global Gold & Resources -42.26 7 Investec Global Gold -40.56 8 BlackRock Global Funds […]

The 20 best performing funds of 2013’s opening half

Rank Fund Six-month return (%) 1 Legg Mason Japan Equity 53.75 2 Invesco Perp Japanese Smaller Companies 43.06 3 Guinness Alternative Energy 42.09 4 FF&P US Small Cap Equity 36.67 5 AXA Framlington Biotech 35.8 6 Melchior Japan Advantage 34.74 7 JPM Inv Japan Select Equity 34.23 8 Baillie Gifford Japanese Smaller Companies 33.65 9 […]

Chelsea’s RedZone – May 2013

Chelsea’s RedZone – May 2013 Absolute Return 3 year % growth Quartile position IFDS IM Octopus Alternative Strategies 0.49 4 Sector Average 7.78         Asia Pacific ex-Japan 3 year % growth Quartile position Henderson Asia Pacific Capital Growth 11.96 4 Legg Mason Asia Pacific (Batterymarch Financial Management) 7.49 4 Threadneedle Asia 14.67 […]

Chelsea’s DropZone – May 2013

Chelsea’s DropZone – May 2013 Position Fund % underperformance from sector average Chelsea’s DropZone – May 2013 1st Manek Growth 52.98% 2nd UBS UK Smaller Companies 37.97% 3rd IM HEXAM Global Emerging markets 35.67% 4th Aviva Inv Property Investment 30.87% 5th Templeton Global Emerging Markets 28.05% 6th F&C High Income 27.79% 7th Legal & General Growth […]


Ashcourt Rowan appoints business director for financial planning arm

Ashcourt Rowan has appointed National Australia Group regional director Steven Midgley as business director of its financial planning arm. Midgley will take up the newly created role on 24 June. He will join the board of Ashcroft Rowan Financial Planning and report to group chief executive office Jonathan Polin. At NAG Midgley led the IFA and wealth management […]