John Lawson: A spanner in the works for DB transfers

The Government was keen to allow those with defined benefit pensions access to the same freedom and choice as those with defined contribution savings. That is why we have new rules that allow transfers to proceed once a member of a DB scheme has received advice. However, the planned reduction of the lifetime allowance from […]

Malcolm McLean: Don’t expect answers anytime soon

After all the hullabaloo, pension freedom is finally off the ground and running. Despite some slightly uncomfortable headlines (about a dash for cash, buying speedboats and the like) it is still too early to draw definitive conclusions as to the impact this is having and will have on pension saving generally. It will be necessary […]

Claire Trott Talbot & Muir

Claire Trott: Second hand or second best?

The announcement from Chancellor George Osborne on the consultation regarding the sale of annuities already in payment, to me, just seems like another fad the Government is pushing out there to get votes. The thing that has really grated with me so far (and when writing this, I have not had sight of the consultation […]

Martin Tilley Cut Out Medium

Martin Tilley: There is a time and a place for financial education

I have always been a firm believer most of the financial mistakes made by individuals could have been avoided had the national curriculum included an introduction to basic products and an overview of planning. However, with each passing Budget I am beginning to question this ideal. The regularity with which successive chancellors have meddled with […]