Cyber security

MM leader: Waking up to the cybercrime threat

In an era of mobile devices, working remotely and Cloud computing, the modern way of working means data security is increasingly crucial. One wrong move could ultimately bring down a company if sensitive data gets into the wrong hands. It is easy to be derisory of the security lapses committed by others. Briefcases or laptops […]


MM leader: Pension tax relief is boiling over

Pensions have never been more attractive. The coalition Government has done a good job in doing away with the idea that pensions are something to be kept under lock and key for the longest possible period, before converting them to a typically paltry income. Now pension freedoms are upon us, savers are free to do […]


MM leader: Time to sit up and take notice on Mifid II

When it comes to European financial services regulation, there can be a sense of policymaking happening at a distance, in a remote office in Brussels far removed from the daily travails of adviser life. Advisers may feel dealing with the mounting regulatory requirements from just the FCA is more than enough for them to be […]

Pension wise logo

MM leader: Pension savers are easy prey

The age old debate of advice versus information has reared its ugly head again, only this time with guidance thrown in for good measure. As Money Marketing revealed last week, Aviva has backtracked on plans to offer customers pensions guidance for fear of straying into regulated advice. It will now offer an “information-only” service, though […]


MM leader: FCA needs to get a grip on unauthorised firms

There are many instances where advisers’ woes can be traced back to unregulated investments and/or unauthorised firms. From high profile fraud cases to the recent £20m interim Financial Services Compensation Scheme levy on life and pensions advisers, you do not have to look far to find references to “unauthorised business” or “non-standard assets”. But despite […]


MM leader: Another Budget day, another political ploy

Another Budget day, another shake-up to the annuities market, although this was one was minus the shock factor of last year. The Government confirmed its plans to consult on the creation of a market for tradeable annuities last weekend. But the consultation itself poses some big questions on how the “cash for annuities” plans could […]

Pension wise

MM leader: Guidance take-up remains a mystery

The clock is now officially ticking. In less than a month pension freedoms will be with us, and alongside them, the Pension Wise guidance service. To be honest, it is amazing the industry has got to this point at all. Preparing for the biggest shake-up to pensions for a generation is no mean feat, and the […]


MM leader: Is the next wave of clients young and female?

Nothing divides a room quite like the differences between men and women. Throw discussions about money into the mix, and it makes for at best an awkward conversation, or at worst, an abundance of gender stereotypes and prejudices. A body of evidence is building which suggests women are set to take over from men in […]