Ian Mckenna

Gadget of the fortnight: Quantify your digital marketing

The service I am looking at this week is a great tool for any hard-pressed PR or digital marketing firm that needs to demonstrate the value of the online coverage they are creating either to a client or internally. Coveragebook.com makes it really easy to analyse online coverage and presents measurement data. Our own PR […]


Ian McKenna: Why we need a tech solution for insistent clients

While pension freedom presents an enormous opportunity for the adviser community, the industry is well aware of the potential for yet another misselling scandal – the implications of which are almost unthinkable. One thing advisers have consistently sought is regulatory certainty and it seems to me that, at least in some areas, we might now […]

Ian McKenna: Gadget of the fortnight

As someone who spends a lot of time creating documents I have never found a mouse to be the fastest way of moving around a screen. My preference for more years than I can remember has been a trackball which you can spin around using your thumb. Supposedly this reduces the risk of repetitive strain […]


Ian McKenna: The distributors changing the face of auto-enrolment

When the Department for Work and Pensions moved, in the early days of auto-enrolment, to prohibit employers deducting adviser charges from individual member’s accounts, who would have thought it would cause a fundamental realignment of the value chain in corporate pensions? Yet, based on recent events, that is exactly what is currently happening. Understanding the […]


Ian McKenna: Gadget of the fortnight

With the main mobile operating systems now all having excellent voice recognition capability there really is no need to try to type into tiny keyboards on phones. If you have got a really good microphone and headset, excellent recognition can now be achieved. In my experience, to avoid “sounds like” errors it can be really […]


Ian McKenna: The changing advice market – and how advisers have to adapt

The changing demographics of investment ownership and how advisers might adapt their firms in the light of these was one of the recurring themes of the recent Technology Tools for Today conference in Texas. A series of presenters put forward valuable insights on these subjects and identified that unless firms are proposing to wind down […]