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Cameron: London under constant attack from EU regulations

Prime Minister David Cameron has  slammed European Union regulators after claiming that the City of London is “under constant attack” from Brussels directives.

Speaking on his way to Perth, Australia, Cameron also warned against the eurozone nations working together to undermine the European Union’s free market rules.

According to the Telegraph, Cameron said: “London is the centre of financial services in Europe. It’s under constant attack through Brussels directives. It’s an area of concern, it’s a key national interest that we need to defend.”

Cameron also said that  he would fight closer integration of the eurozone countries as it could lead to anti-competitive regulations.

“There are a lot of things the eurozone is doing together. Having more meetings alone, establishing machinery – it raises the question of could there be caucasing?

“There is common agreement that this was an important issue and that we should be working together to make sure the arrangements provide a safeguard.”

“It is very important that the institutions of the 27 are properly looked after and that the Comission does its job as the guardian of the 27.”


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  1. I’m sorry David, are you seriously complaining about being under attack from a regulator out of control?
    Try coming our side of the fence for a few days and you may realise that someone in the FSA has realised that the best way to secure their job in the new world, is to stir up enough effluent so that spurious investigations into anything that moved in the last 20 years, will never be completed by the changeover date to the FCA, thereby making themselves indispensible.
    Or maybe I am just a tad touchy this Friday morning!

  2. Can he, or MM, give us some examples of the Brussels directives he’s railing against?

  3. Well do something about it then Mr Cameron.

  4. Get us out then. I am totally fed up with the EU this, the EU that, the EU the other. Lets get back to running our own country. The EU have not exactly made a name for themselves what with bendy bananas, the accounts not signed off, the fiddles etc Mind you thats probably all they are good for.

  5. The French see the answer in China bailing out the Euro to make that work. The EU see 6 and 7% increases to their budget to make them work.

    Out, the economics don’t work.

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