Budget guide from Lemonade Reward

The ‘at-a-glance’ 12-page guide outlines 20 key announcements, including proposed government surplus dates, the national living wage, tax-free personal allowances and higher-rate thresholds, welfare, dividend tax, inheritance tax, bank and pension reform, employment and investment allowances, corporation and road tax, landlord tax relief, non-dom status, free childcare, student grants and tax-avoidance measures.

These announcements are then grouped into key areas such as the economy, public borrowing/deficit/spending, personal taxation and pay, welfare and pensions, health and education, defence, business and miscellaneous.

Personal allowances, inheritance, pensions and dividend tax, vehicle excise duty, domicile rules, buy-to-let and venture capital schemes are also covered in more detail. 

Managing partner David Pugh said: “Businesses are constantly being hit with raft upon raft of changes so we’re keen to help them decide which announcements will impact positively on their firm and which won’t. Once business leaders understand the detail of the budget, they can assess its impact on their firm and develop strategies to cope with the reforms.”

Copies of Lemonade Reward’s Budget guide are available for free. Email info@lemonadereward.com or call 01483 617 019.