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Brown to announce £12bn spending cuts

Prime Minister Gordon Brown is expected to set out plans to cut public spending by £12bn over four years.

Ahead of the pre-Budget report, Brown is expected to say in a speech today that he can achieve £3bn efficiency savings on top of those announced in April’s Budget, of which, £1.3bn come from streamlining central Government.

This may mean axing or delaying certain programmes.


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  1. Perhaps our great leader could set up a Quango to look at other Quangos! They have had 12 years to cut these costs and still they make stupid statements. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t ………. on reflection, he probably can!

  2. Isn’t £12bn the same amount of money Brown lost the taxpayer by giving away our Gold reserves for the the lowest possible amount.

    £3bn a year does not even scratch the surface.

    No doubt the dour scotsman has probably already planned his multi million pound follow up to Blair’s lecture tour and written his memoirs blaming everything on the Tories

  3. “Efficency savings” just highlight that Labour have inefficently implamented public spending in the first place – they shouldn’t be able to make those savings if they had been prudent in the first place. Agree with Ian, 3 Billion doesn’t scratch the surface.

    For a good example of Labour spending look at the new computer system for the NHS that has been mothballed. Years overdue, doesn’t work at all and millions spent at the start of the project cannot even be accounted for at all!

    I wish that was shocking, but currently that just seems like normality for the Government.

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