Bright Grey – Lifestyle Plus Protection Plan

Type: Individual protection plan comprising life cover and life with critical-illness cover with total permanent disability cover

Minimum premium/cover: £5 a month including £1.50 policy fee/no minimum

Maximum cover: Up to £500,000

Conditions covered: Alzheimer’s disease, aorta graft surgery, benign brain tumour, blindness, cancer, coma, coronary artery bypass grafts, deafness, heart attack, heart valve replacement or repair, HIV infection, kidney failure, loss of hands or feet, loss of speech, major organ transplant, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis, paralysis of limbs, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, third degree burns, traumatic head injury, total permanent disability

Definition of disability: Own occupation or based on six working tasks, based on six living tasks for people aged 65 and over

Minimum-maximum ages: 18-64, 54 for life with critical-illness cover where premiums are reviewable

Minimum term: Five years for life cover

Options: Guaranteed or reviewable premiums, payment cover for sickness/waiver of premium, level, increasing or decreasing cover, single life or joint life first event,

Commission: Subject to negotiation