Bright Grey launches enhanced simplified life and CI product

Bright Grey has launched an enhanced version of its simplified low-cost life and critical illness product Lifestyle.

Lifestyle plus comes with total permanent disability as standard on life of critical illness cover and advisers can also add payment cover for sickness.

It offers up to £500,000 cover, payments start from £5 a month and advisers have a choice of increasing or decreasing cover.

BG head of product development and technical support Ian Smart says: “There are a growing number of advisers selling protection who want flexible products without the intricacies of the menu product.  The addition of TPD and waiver of premium gives them that added flexibility and protection for their clients. 

“We have already seen a marked increase in the number of advisers whose business model is more suited to going down the simplified products route.  And with RDR hitting, it is a market that is only going to get bigger.”