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Blair calls for UK to ‘rise up’ and reconsider Brexit

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Former prime minister Tony Blair has argued British people need to “rise up” against the UK’s withdrawal from the EU and change their minds about Brexit.

The BBC reports Blair claims UK voters took part in the EU referendum last year “without knowledge of the true terms of Brexit”.

Speaking to pro-European campaign group Open Britain today, Blair said the benefits of Brexit would be “largely illusory” and leaving the EU would be “painful”.

The UK voted to leave the EU in June by 52 per cent, compared with 48 per cent who voted to remain.

Blair said: “All I’m saying is a very, very simple thing, that this is the beginning of the debate – that if a significant part of that 52 per cent show real change of mind, however you measure it, we should have the opportunity to reconsider this decision.

“Whether you do it through another referendum or another method, that’s a second order question.

“But this issue is the single most important decision this country has taken since the Second World War and debate can’t now be shut down about it.”

He added: “This is a Government for Brexit, of Brexit and dominated by Brexit – it’s a mono-purpose political entity and nothing else therefore truly matters.”

Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to trigger article 50 and the start of formal Brexit negotiations by the end of March.

Downing Street has said it is “absolutely committed” to seeing Brexit through.



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  1. Ah, the familiar refrain of Europhile “democrats” everywhere: if the people give you the wrong answer just go back and ask them a different question until you get the right one. Given his central role in causing last year’s referendum in the first place, the role he played with Iraq, and his actions since leaving office, I’m amazed he still thinks people in the UK will listen to him!

  2. 23rd June 2016 The People Voted Out!!! & Now we have certain people saying oh the 52% Didn’t really know what it all ment (Hogwash)
    The 52% is Now more like 60% OUT MEANS OUT!!!

  3. He’s always had a ‘messiah complex’ and doesn’t think he’s at fault for anything, in fact the only full and sincere apology I can recall him making was for slavery for goodness sake! Some remainers must start to wonder if their cause is right if this self-seeking egotist is weighing in on their side. I just wonder what’s in it for him, does he think he might become EU President or something, it’s not as if he needs money after all his ‘good works’ since he left office?

  4. I won’t make any apologies for voting to stay in the EU, even after reading the comments above, as people are entitled to their opinions. Remember, when the UK voted in, all those years ago, those who disagreed moaned for over forty years for a second referendum. Now, of course, they want remainers to shut up, which is hypocritical, and it’s not going to happen, so get used to it.
    Many leave voters are also show aggressive tendencies, even using Capital letters to get your point across is like shouting.
    There has been a very bad, xenophobic, feeling in this, so called, tolerant country since the leave vote and it is not caused by the remainers, is it? That is also backed up by police statistics. If you hung an EU flag outside your office, along with an English flag, I bet the EU one would be torn down pretty quickly! Some people with dubious morals seem to feel they have carte blanche to behave badly since last June.
    We should not be aiming for a fragmented world. That will be the road to ruin. There is a lot wrong with the EU but we should be working to change it, not working to dismantle it.
    As for Tony Blair, I can’t stand the bloke and I think it is a real shame he is getting involved in all of this. He could end up doing more damage than anything, to a worthy cause (in my opinion).
    There are, of course, many powerful people who like the idea of the EU breaking up…..Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin among them.

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