Best ideas plan for MAM Funds

MAM Funds managing director Gervais Williams is planning to launch a best ideas income product for the firm.

Williams is currently running a £44m diverse income trust and £7.8m Acuim UK multi-cap income fund with fund manager Martin Turner.

He says: “We would like to introduce a multi-cap product with a narrower focus to offer a higher rate of return, albeit with more volatility. We have 100 holdings in our other income funds and this would have 20 to 25 holdings. A new fund may be the best way forward but it may end up being a bespoke portfolio because you cannot buy the same concentrated portfolio for many clients as you could run out of stock with some of the smaller companies.”

The product would be positioned under the Acuim brand, which was launched earlier this year for single-strategy offerings.

Williams adds that he would also like to expand the company’s multi-asset range.

Bestinvest senior analyst Ben Seager-Scott says: “Income is a major theme and taking a multi-cap approach can have the advantage of diversifying away from the income concentration you get at the top of the FTSE.”