Bankhall to offer management and HR support service to advisers

Stephen Gazard SBG MD 700

Bankhall is launching a business support service for advisers that will initially offer HR and management support.

Through the HR service, advisers can get advice on managing staff, resolving HR issues and understanding HR legislation.

Bankhall expects to announce further services that will be offered through the Bankhall Business Bureau in the coming months.

Bankhall managing director Stephen Gazard says: “Firms are telling us that regulatory compliance is not the only issue which keeps them awake at night. Many firms are looking to continually improve the customer experience and enhance their role as financial planners; others are looking to strengthen their business’s infrastructure.”

He adds: “The problem is that many business owners are so busy working in their practice day-to-day that they don’t make sufficient time to work on their business. Bankhall Business Bureau offers firms a solution by providing firms with the quality services they need to unlock their firm’s full potential.”