BAM favours managers with sound convictions

Berry Asset Management is filling the five risk-graded portfolios in its discretionary fund management service with managers who have high conviction of their specific holdings and their investment processes.

BAM likes managers who manage money on a daily basis and are prepared to back their own judgement rather than follow benchmark weightings.

The five multi-asset portfolios invest mainly in collective investment funds and will use exchange-traded funds for asset classes that would otherwise be difficult to access, such as gold.

Asset allocation is determined through quarterly investment committee meetings but BAM does not necessarily make changes every quarter.
It aims to be nimble in long-term strategic asset allocation, allowing short-term tactical changes to occur within the long-term framework
Income is a theme being explored across most of the portfolios, with the exception of the aggressive fund, where BAM is keen to keep the yield low. The DFM says it is focusing on income not just in the UK and it holds a lot of income funds to reduce risk, as the economy is moving away from a cyclical to a defensive market.

One of the high conviction managers in its balanced and growth portfolios is Liontrust. BAM says the Liontrust equity income fund is not very well known in the IFA market but has all the characteristics it looks for in its underlying managers.

BAM chief investment officer Mark Robinson says: “Liontrust has had a few issues with redemptions but those running the income fund back their own judgement, which is what we like when we outsource.”