Aviva: Why we launched our hard-hitting IP TV campaign

Most Money Marketing readers will now be aware of our latest initiative to raise awareness of protection.

If you watched the first episode of Downton Abbey on Sunday you will have seen our idents – the short adverts either side of the ad breaks – which told the story of real-life Aviva income protection customer Gary as he recovered from a motorcycling injury.

Gary sustained serious injuries in a motorcycle accident which meant that he could no longer continue to do his job as an engineer. His policy provided him with an income while he was unable to work, and enabled him to retrain for another profession while continuing to receive an income from Aviva.

If you haven’t seen them, feel free to check them out at www.thedramacontinues.co.uk.

You might also be aware that they’ve created quite a bit of noise throughout the industry. Some people are asking if our approach was right to show such a “depressing” story in the midst of this much-loved family drama?

We are no stranger to debate in the protection space. This time last year we thought long and hard about how we could get more people to consider life insurance. The resulting ‘ghost dad’ is still one of the most talked about ads among the financial services industry.

While it prompted quite a variety of views at the time we still feel our approach was right – and we feel the same about our latest campaign.

We gave great consideration to the subject matter before we launched these idents. We’re aware that the approach we’ve taken is a bit different to the norm, but it’s important to us to reflect reality. The stories specifically show how the lives of everyday people can suddenly take a dramatic turn, but that financial support can help in their hour of need.

We want to help consumers protect themselves and we want to help advisers to be able to engage with their clients too.

We worked very closely with Gary, the customer behind Sunday’s story, to ensure that his case was handled as sensitively as possible, with the care and consideration people expect from Aviva.

We understand some viewers didn’t like the idents but we would welcome industry ideas on how we can find a way to raise these difficult subjects…

You can also see Gary’s his story in his own words through the above link.

Sue Helmont is head of brand at Aviva