Aviva uses shock tactics in TV life ads

Aviva is running a national TV ad campaign to promote awareness among families of the benefits of life insurance.

The ad first aired on January 17 and the campaign will run for a month. It features actor Paul Whitehouse, who plays a father talking about his family’s financial security as they pack to go on holiday.

The character mentions the cost of his daughter’s university studies and his son’s swimming lessons. The end of the ad reveals that the father is no longer alive but is watching life continue for his family.

Aviva says the ad looks at family life after a death situation rather than from the traditional “what if this happens to you” perspective. The campaign is based on consumer research in which consumers said they had to be “emotionally disturbed” into buying cover.

Aviva would not disclose the cost of the campaign but it is thought to be a six-figure sum.

Director of protection Richard Verdin says: “We may be criticised for this ad as we accept we have gone further than other companies have gone traditionally but consumers have assured us this is the advert they would act on.”

Master Adviser senior partner Roy McLoughlin says: “The ad is subtle but at the same time gets the message across. There is an element of shock tactics but it is also thought provoking, which helps us as advisers talk about life cover.”