Aviva to ditch Bravura for FNZ on adviser platform


Aviva is planning to replatform from Bravura to FNZ for its adviser proposition, Money Marketing understands.

The life company announced the launch of its D2C platform last month, which is powered by FNZ.

Aviva has also delayed an upgrade to Bravura’s new system Sonata, originally planned for the second half of last year.

Last year, Nucleus had to refund hundreds of customers after a series of trades went wrong in the months following the Sonata upgrade.

One industry consultant, who wishes to remain anonymous, says: “Having two different technology providers makes no sense as it means missing out on efficiency savings.

“The Sonata upgrade did not go very well at Nucleus and Aviva will be fully aware of that.”

A spokeswoman for Aviva says: “We have an existing contract with Citi and Bravura for the adviser platform and that continues. The consumer platform with FNZ is completely separate.”

The spokeswoman refused to say whether Aviva is committed to Bravura in the long-term, or when the Sonata upgrade is due to go ahead.

Bravura and FNZ declined to comment.