Aviva launches hard-hitting TV ad campaign for life insurance

Aviva is launching a national TV advertising campaign to promote awareness among families of the benefits of taking out life insurance.

The advert first airs this evening and the campaign will run for a month.

It features actor Paul Whitehouse who plays a father talking about his family’s financial security as they pack to go away on holiday.

The character mentions the cost of university being paid for his daughter, and his son’s swimming lessons.

The end of the advert reveals the father is no longer alive  but is simply watching life continue for his family.

The advert looks at family life in a ‘post-death’ situation, rather than from the traditional ‘what if this happens to you’ perspective.

The campaign dates back to consumer research carried out at the start of last year looking at the barriers to buying life assurance.

Consumers then had to come up with concepts that would encourage them to buy life cover. One of the key findings to come out of the research was that consumers said they had to be “emotionally disturbed” into taking action and buying cover.

Aviva would not disclose the cost of the campaign, but it is thought to be a six-figure sum.

The campaign will be supported by an IFA follow-up campaign.

Director of protection Richard Verdin says: “We may be criticised for this advert as we accept that we have gone further than other companies have gone traditionally. But we believe in what we have done because it is based on extensive consumer research.

“Consumers have assured us that this is the advert that they would take action on.”

To view the Aviva advert via You Tube, click here.