Auto-enrolment: beyond pensions

By Griselda Williams 

With more than a million small businesses now staging for automatic enrolment (AE), we believe there is a broader opportunity for engagement with employers and their workers.

While compliance with the new rules is at the core of AE, the broader question is how can employers do what’s best for their employees and how can providers ensure that employees’ broader needs are also addressed?

That’s why we are broadening the TRUST|Pensions proposition to offer optional group life cover for employers and an optional stocks and shares ISA service for employees.

As a provider, we look to continue to develop our proposition in response to and in anticipation of what employers and their workers both need to have and may want to have.

For small businesses that don’t have corporate advice on benefits, we are building a panel of quality providers to choose from.

For corporate advisers, our ‘open architecture’ approach means that advisers can plug and play different benefits modules in conjunction with our core AE proposition.

Increasingly, AE is less about pensions and more about helping employers do the best for their workers in a way that’s straightforward and good value.

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