Tony Wickenden

Tony Wickenden

ony is joint managing director of Technical Connection (a St James’s Place Wealth Management group company), which provides online knowledge management, insight and CPD through Techlink Professional and expert technical support to advisers on all aspects of the financial planning process.

He has been a weekly contributor to Money Marketing’s Technical Area on tax planning development issues affecting advisers for over 30 years.

Tony Wickenden

Tony Wickenden: Tax intervention on diverted profits

A look at HMRC’s attempt to curb arrangements designed by multinationals to erode the UK tax base The taxation of profits from global business is a subject that is set to run and run. When it is not done well enough, the countries concerned suffer. In some cases, tax loss results from the nature of […]

Tony Wickenden: A very modern tax for an increasingly digital world

Knowing which businesses will be affected by the digital services tax will be a source of comfort to planners and their SME-owning clients More and more parts of our life are going digital, and the financial planning sector is not escaping it. Indeed, advisers of all different business models should be embracing it. The world […]


Tony Wickenden: Reassure clients tax planning has not got exciting

Advisers must make a virtue of the dullness of the tried and tested when compared to the more colourful strategies of the past This year’s Spring Statement generated very little excitement among financial planners. Understandable, as there wasn’t much in it. There wasn’t meant to be. It wasn’t a Budget. But there were a couple […]

Tony Wickenden

Tony Wickenden: Discretionary and bare trusts- what you need to know

Everything you and your clients need to know about the most popular trusts The subject of trusts can generate some complex tax and legal questions, so it is important to remind ourselves of the fundamentals. Trusts can be extremely useful not only for inheritance tax planning but also in ensuring money ends up in the […]


Tony Wickenden: Are clients subject to loan charge tax in April?

HMRC is clamping down on remuneration schemes designed to avoid income tax and National Insurance You may have seen a bit in the financial news lately on the loan charge tax to be levied on payments received by employees through disguised remuneration schemes used to avoid income tax and National Insurance contributions. Those involved will […]

Tony Wickenden: Advisers’ 10 most frequently asked questions

The future of paid-for advice rests in dealing with the hard stuff There was an interesting piece recently in the Financial Times entitled “The Four Questions Financial Advisers Are Most Often Asked”. The article actually covered 10 such questions and I suspect most of them will resonate with readers. I have a belief that the […]