Tony Mudd

Tony Mudd: The critical reviews being missed by advisers

Protection plans should be treated with the same ongoing care as investment and pensions advice How many advisers write investment and pension business and then ignore it – never reviewing continuing suitability, changing client attitude to risk or underlining fund performance? Hopefully not many. It would be an easy way to lose the confidence of […]

Tony Mudd: Are clients at risk of HMRC trust reporting penalties?

A worrying 75 per cent of lifetime trusts have yet to file required IHT returns in respect of the periodic charge The Finance Act 2006 must still be one of the most significant in memory for advisers operating in the estate planning market. Without warning, the government introduced sweeping changes to the way in which […]

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Tony Mudd: Protection pariah Aviva didn’t deserve the flak

The provider was under unfair pressure to drop critical illness cover from its relevant life policy “There is many a slip twixt the cup and lip”, so goes the old proverb. Whether you favour the English version “don’t count your chickens before they hatch” or the version attributed to Greek anthology meaning “many bad things […]

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Tony Mudd: New guidance on gifting misses crucial component

The update fails to address the concerns around business relief investments in IHT planning strategies The Government Office of the Public Guardian last month updated its guidance on giving gifts. Most advisers, and certainly those operating in the estate planning market, will be well aware of the rules and limitations faced by attorneys when considering […]

How advisers can compete on value over price

The question to be answered is how can advisers compete on value over price in a way that is in the best interest of their clients. While it is normal for me to use this space to discuss a variety of topical technical matters, I do not live in a technical vacuum. Like advisers, I […]

Tony Mudd: A tax year end like no other for non-doms

February through to the end of March is always a busy time for advisers. There is plenty to discuss with clients, from the basics of maximising their Isa and pension contributions through to more sophisticated investments, such as enterprise investment schemes and venture capital trusts, and planning, such as assets relocation between spouses and civil […]

Tony Mudd: The dubious value of probate trusts

In life, as in the microcosm that is financial services, there are examples of finely judged arguments to be had over the value of particular courses of action. Indeed, such arguments form the basis and prove the value of advice in a complex world. Where such arguments are finely balanced with advantages and disadvantages, debates […]

Tony Mudd: The investment bonds and small firms tax puzzle

Prior to April 2008, investment bonds (both onshore and offshore) held by companies were taxable under the chargeable events regime – precisely the same regime that applies for individual investors today. In other words, a tax charge would arise where there is a chargeable event and any resulting gain would have been subject to corporation […]