Tom Kean


Tom Kean: CDCs look clever- that’s the problem

I have always been very pleased to count myself as one of the contributing IFAs here at Money Marketing. I find the whole process of writing this column thoroughly enjoyable and more than a little cathartic. However, I also feel quite a weight of responsibility, which sometimes makes writing certain pieces a little difficult. Just like […]

Tom Kean: Calling time on pension confusion

I have just read and re-read, in these very pages, an excellent attempt by James Hay head of technical support Neil MacGillivray to explain the tapered annual allowance – a subject close to our hearts here by the affluent and leafy banks of the River Thames in Henley. It is a subject we discuss with […]


Do investors know when they haven’t had advice?

The more I think about what it means to be independent, the more I realise there is some kind of moral stance to be taken here. I know enough ex-bank, execution-only and certain other tied advisers who tell me their previous life was completely restricted in every sense. They all have ways of glossing over […]

Tom Kean: A simple call to end regulatory complexity

If I am being perfectly honest, I find a lot of what we do a bit tiresome and unnecessarily complicated. In fact, I sometimes find myself embarrassed by how complex things sound when I am explaining them. As Einstein once said: If you cannot explain it simply, you do not understand it well enough. I […]