Tim Sargisson


Tim Sargisson: Stop doing stuff you shouldn’t be

The recent survey from Nucleus showing that the number of advisers spending more than 40 per cent of their time on admin has tripled in a year should worry us all. Clients do not pay fees for advisers to deal with paperwork, so working two days out of five for free is not good business. […]


Tim Sargisson: Bad practice needs calling out more than ever

Speaking at the recent Money Marketing Interactive conference, FCA co-director of life insurance and financial advice supervision Debbie Gupta highlighted a major concern for the regulator, which is advisers’ failure to call out bad practice. As she pointed out: “We need a common understanding on both sides that we are in fact on the same […]


Tim Sargisson: Why chartered status matters less than your culture

Last month, Wingate Financial Planning director Alistair Cunningham wrote an article in Money Marketing arguing that chartered status had been cheapened, citing high-profile incidents of chartered financial planners involved in poor advice as one reason why. For the record, Sandringham is not currently chartered. The question for us and other non-chartered firms remains whether there […]

Tim Sargisson: Advisers need a Prod in the right direction

Hands up who has heard of Prod, or the new Product Intervention and Product Governance Sourcebook, to give it its full title? Prod was introduced under the Mifid II product governance rules that were launched back in January but has largely gone under the radar since then. I suspect the collective torpor to do with […]

Tim Sargisson: Supporting the client is key to a sustainable business

Supporting the client is key to a sustainable business There are still too many people in financial services who don’t seem to recognise, understand or appreciate that the key to growing a sustainable business is supporting the client. To survive is not about being the strongest or the fittest; it’s about being the most adaptable […]

Tim Sargisson: The answer to increased costs and reduced resources

Putting the right people in the right positions with the right training is the single most important thing a chief executive can do. With the right team, everything is possible. For advice firms, the right team will include qualified advisers, as well as paraplanners and administrators to provide support. However, margin pressure is now building […]


Tim Sargisson: How GDPR will hurt adviser recruitment

The Global Data Protection Regulation comes into force in a little under two months but there seems precious little in the way of detail regarding its impact on financial services. The FCA and Information Commissioners Office did publish a joint update last month but it did not add very much in terms of information to […]


Tim Sargisson: Why won’t consumers get the message?

The benefits of advice are clear, yet the industry still struggles to get consumers through the door As someone who is now accustomed to being variously described as “seasoned”, “experienced” and, in one case, a “veteran” of the industry, it is safe to assume I know something about the world advisers inhabit. Indeed, 30 years […]

Soldier on and cash out – but what about recruitment?

As the baby boomers edge ever closer to retirement there is near universal agreement of the need to bring some young blood into our profession. That said, the recruitment of bright young things has proved a challenge. Why? It is hard for me to believe I have spent 30 years in financial services, although easier […]