Steve Bee


Steve Bee: Coping with the 21st century retirement crisis

The golden age of defined benefit company pension schemes is over. The golden generations of pensioners it spawned, in the private sector at least, have gone off into the sunset with their generous pots. Towards the end of the last century, many of the largest employers in the UK used their pension schemes as the […]


Steve Bee: Don’t shut down the national advice service debate

In my last Money Marketing column I proposed that the Government should provide a national advice service. Free to use at the point of need, it should be a truly advice-giving service, not one simply based on providing guidance. The idea attracted rather a lot of attention. Not all of it positive. The ubiquitous nature […]


Steve Bee: Our pensions system has lost its purpose

A snap general election and everything is up in the air again. It may mean more changes to our pension system. Then again, it may not. All bets are off. Our job is just to keep watching and react to events completely outside our control. And that is true not just for those of us in […]


Steve Bee: Is this the best we can do on pensions?

Most of us working in the UK these days are heading for a period of great worry and uncertainty later in life when we become pensioners. Despite the fact we have had a thriving pensions industry for more than 60 years, and a state pension system for over a century, the nation seems unable to […]


Steve Bee: Pensions are pay and should not be unwound

Why is it that private companies feel they cannot afford defined benefit pension schemes for their employees but the Government has no trouble at all providing them for public servants? Our Government is (directly or indirectly) the largest employer in the UK, with millions of public sector workers covered by generous DB pension promises. But […]


Steve Bee: Are we nearing the final days for pensions?

I have been working in the pensions industry for almost five decades now. In that time, I have been witness to a great deal of upheaval in what seems like an unnecessarily ever-changing sector. That said, I honestly do not think I have ever encountered such a strong feeling of hopelessness as that which currently engulfs […]


Steve Bee: Employers are the key to financial well-being

I have always thought of pensions as being like grapes; it is sensible and far more efficient to distribute them in bunches. I welcomed the automatic-enrolment reforms for just that reason. The distribution of personal pensions one at a time to individuals was a costly way of getting millions of people to save for the future. […]

Steve Bee: Auto-enrolment can kickstart a workplace benefits revolution

I have always been a staunch supporter of the auto-enrolment reforms; reforms that came to be following the demise of the State Second Pension. That strange experiment – the provision of a second, earnings-related state pension that has covered half the UK workforce since 1963 – has been a complete disaster. It has held back the spread of workplace […]