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Just: Govt was wrong to water down default pension guidance

It’s been said that the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. It’s a phrase that came to mind when reading the government’s proposed amendment to the Financial Guidance and Claims bill. Currently pension providers must signpost those wanting to access pension cash towards pension guidance […]


What new longevity measures mean for retirement advice

Traditional life expectancy figures are unhelpful for anyone trying to generate a sustainable retirement income For the first time, the Office for National Statistics has released life expectancy figures that include two additional measures – median and modal ages at death – which raise some interesting points for advisers. The variation between different types of life […]


Just: ‘Pensions are not prisons…They are fortresses’

Are pensions the new magic money tree? For many thousands of people aged at least 55 with a defined contribution pension, the answer seems to be yes. For all of us who believe the purpose of a pension is to provide a sustainable income in retirement, the findings of the FCA’s Retirement Outcomes Review interim report […]


Why clients need to overcome annuity aversion

Retirees often say they want their pension fund to provide a guaranteed income that will last for their lifetime. They just don’t want an annuity. Anyone watching consumers engage with the retirement market in recent years will be well aware of this glaring paradox. Money Marketing recently highlighted FCA research showing that just using the […]

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Stephen Lowe: Developing the gold blend for retirement

Solutions providing customers with a guaranteed income for life have been the bedrock of retirement planning for decades but now flexi-access drawdown has become available to all. Both options have obvious pros and cons but the beauty of the new rules is that there is nothing to stop retirees seeking the best of both worlds: […]


Stephen Lowe: Pension freedom and control are not the same thing

The pension reforms have, to a large extent, been sold to the public on the basis that having freedom to access pension funds is the same as giving them control. That is a bit like giving someone car keys on the assumption they already know how to drive. In fact, most of us would agree […]