Simon Collins

Simon Collins: Stress-test your business model

The FCA is increasing its focus on models across the sector, so take the time to check yours is up to scratch I have been fortunate to spend some time recently talking to a number of financial planning firms about their business models, future plans, and current and anticipated challenges. Despite obvious uncertainties surrounding Brexit […]

Simon Collins: Setting your SMCR milestones

Keeping up momentum is key, even if the December deadline seems some way off As firms step up their Senior Managers and Certification Regime project activity, challenges facing HR and compliance functions are becoming apparent; not least the question of resource, and competing priorities for what is a finite resource at most firms. Some firms […]


Simon Collins: Are your outsourcing contracts up to scratch?

There are certain issues in financial services that become the hot topic for a while before falling off the radar, only to rise up again when the original matter was not clarified as clearly as first thought. Outsourcing is a case in point, particularly in terms of suitability and discretionary management. It is an issue […]


Simon Collins: FCA tightens grip on value for money

It is likely the increased regulatory scrutiny on fund managers’ value could filter down to advice firms in the future In my last article, I considered the influence a non-executive director could have in challenging an advice firm’s business model in light of the pension transfer issues. Now, in its asset management market study final […]


Simon Collins: How to prepare for FCA’s DB transfer investigation

Firms should consider a proactive review of their pension transfer strategy ahead of the regulator’s request for data  The spectre of pension transfer misselling continues to hang over the financial services industry, with the latest news surrounding British Steel Pension Scheme members threatening a fresh backlash against advisers. Firms wishing to advise clients on the […]