Roger Edwards

Roger Edwards: Getting your marketing priorities right

I often draw inspiration for my articles, podcasts and videos from the questions I see people posting on social media. Here is one recently from Twitter: “What’s the first thing you would do when setting up a marketing department from scratch, either in a start-up company or an existing business?” Giving it only a brief […]

Roger Edwards: Winning the protection long game

I have just celebrated publishing episode 200 of my podcast. When I came up with the idea, most people did not even know what a podcast was. In case you still don’t, it is a radio show you can download and listen to whenever you want. A broadcaster friend of mine at the time warned […]

Roger Edwards

Roger Edwards: Why it pays to break the protection advice mould

Does competitive advantage mean being better than everyone else or different? Or both? Twenty or so years ago I made weekly trips from Edinburgh to London to meet advisers and journalists. British Airways served gigantic cooked breakfasts in the morning and three-course meals at night, with a couple of drink runs as well. This was […]

What it takes to be a more human adviser

“Be more human” is something we hear time and again in the protection market. But what on earth does it mean in this context? The term reminds me of a TV programme from several years back, where a young Poldark played a vampire desperately trying shake off his blood-sucking ways and live like a normal […]

The key to protection: Be simpler, more human and braver

Be simpler. Be more human. And be braver. These are the concepts the UK protection market needs to adopt to be successful in future, according to speakers at this summer’s Protection Review Conference. Simpler is obvious. Campaigner for plainer English in financial services, Rhys Williams of Quiet Room, suggested we need less complicated products, easier […]


Simple language is the key to great client engagement

I received an email from a marketing agency last week, which made me laugh and despair at the same time. Perhaps they thought I would be impressed by the complex language and jargon, or encouraged to work with them thanks to their access to “doctorate level segmentation analytics” and ability to “finesse paradigms”. My first thought […]

Tapping the marketing power in your pocket

Adviser produced content could be the key to future growth of the UK protection market; perhaps even the whole financial services industry. I recently spoke at the Protect Association annual conference on how client engagement – not product tinkering – was top of my agenda for overcoming the stagnation of protection sales. It is all […]


Roger Edwards: Critical illness cover is on life support

To much fanfare, product providers publish their annual new figures in the first quarter of each year. Have they built upon their previous successes? Have they increased their market share? Such declarations give us an insight as to the shape of the provider in question but also about financial services markets in general. In protection, […]

Roger Edwards: We need to engage, not enrage

  Why do we see so little service design innovation in financial services and protection in particular? I am not talking here about the imminent arrival of UnderwriteMe and the obvious improvements it will make to the application process. I am talking about the overall customer experience. Promotions focus on new products or tweaks to […]