Roderic Rennison


Roderic Rennison: Things buyers and sellers must get right

There’s lots to consider when advice firms are considering buying or selling a business but without achieving these things any acquisition faces poor odds The number and pace of intermediary firm acquisitions has, it is widely quoted, never been greater. Two interesting – if true – statistics appear to bear this out: There are possibly […]


Roderic Rennison: Five challenges to adviser remuneration arrangements

Successfully implementing change is often the biggest issue for advice firms Adviser remuneration – in particular, how to successfully implement change – continues to be a challenge for intermediary firms. This article highlights some of the current issues and suggests approaches to address them. 1. Will IR35 affect firms with self-employed advisers? IR35 is designed […]


Roderic Rennison: 10 steps to selling up successfully

With all the noise around consolidation, advisers would be forgiven for thinking it is easy. It is not. Here are 10 steps to success There has been no let-up in the pace of consolidation within the intermediary sector this year. Hardly a day goes by without the announcement of a deal. It is estimated there […]

Ten steps to acquisition success

Integration is rarely easy but getting it right is key There is a widely held view that the majority of acquisitions do not deliver long-term value to the acquirer. The Institute of Directors reckons this figure could be as high as 70 per cent, though it varies between market sectors. Here, I want to look […]