Robert Reid

Robert Reid is Principal at CanScot Solutions LLP.

Robert entered the financial services sector in 1976, and has provided personal financial planning advice, initially in Scotland, from 1985; he returned to London in 1993 where he had worked in the 1980s.

Robert is Readers Editor for Money Marketing after previously working for the Financial Times, writing extensively on market conditions and technical planning issues.


Rob Reid: Self-employed advisers at risk from HMRC

I have never been a great fan of daytime television, despite the worst possible occurrences of man flu over the years, but the recent news coverage on the employment status of veteran presenter Lorraine Kelly got me thinking. In particular, about just how long the “self-employed” status will remain a robust and safe position to […]


Rob Reid: Cover your backs on DB transfer advice delays

I was interested to read a Financial Ombudsman Service case lately, where a potential client approached a firm for pension transfer advice but the firm decided against advising them. Unfortunately, a delay in the firm making that decision resulted in the cash equivalent transfer value timing out, meaning there was no time left for the […]


Robert Reid: Ambulance chasers hunt their next prey

Sometimes in business you can have an exceptional year and, provided you do not take it for granted, all is good. Allowing expenses to match an unsustainable increase in revenue is asking for trouble. As the claims deadline for PPI draws closer, it is clear the ambulance chasers will be looking elsewhere to continue the […]


Rob Reid: The problem with the People’s Trust

As the debate on the transparency of fund charges continues, many see the launch of The People’s Trust as another paradigm shift, or at least a significant tipping point. I found the prospectus of this investment trust equally patronising and disappointing. When the first round of fundraising was announced it seemed to be at an inadequate […]