Rachael Griffin

Quilter: Top-slicing debate gains clarity from tribunal

A recent tribunal case sheds some light on how top-slicing relief works, but the topic is still subject to debate There has been some recent confusion in the market over how the personal allowance, personal savings allowance and the starting rate of tax interact with bond gains and, in particular, top-slicing relief. This confusion came […]

Quilter: Planning points impacting women more than men

Factors such as longevity and career breaks can negatively affect a woman’s long-term financial situation International Women’s Day, celebrated on 8 March, ran with a theme of “balance for better”. This highlights balance in every sense – and finances need to be one of them. While financial planning is not an inherently gender-specific process, there […]


How a little known change to top-slicing relief could affect clients

When it comes to clients with investment bonds, advisers have several techniques up their sleeves to avoid unnecessary taxation and charging. But one of these tactics has become slightly less productive for offshore bonds in certain situations thanks to a little known change to top-slicing relief by HM Revenue & Customs which went under the […]


Finding the holes in the new Qrops rules

Chancellor Philip Hammond’s first (and last) Spring Budget was, as expected, thinner than his predecessors’. But that did not stop him from delivering some surprises. One of these was the introduction of a 25 per cent overseas transfer charge applying to qualifying recognised overseas pension schemes. The move was a bold step by the Chancellor […]


Rachael Griffin: How to maximise life policy surrenders

Last month’s Autumn Statement confirmed that, from 6 April, HM Revenue & Customs will be allowed to correct the unequal tax positions that can occur when people withdraw money from their life policies. The issue came under the microscope in March 2015, when Joost Lobler won a court case against HMRC. Lobler undertook two large […]


Family feuds and the impact on trustee choice

All too often, disruption and fighting can be an unhappy by-product of the process of dividing up the estate of a deceased relative. This can cause significant extra stress for family members at an already difficult time. High profile disputes have been common in recent months, with the financial legacy of a number of public […]