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Nic Cicutti: So insurers wonder why the public doesn’t trust them?

Regular readers of this column will know that, apart from occasional asides about TV programmes, books I may have read or references to an abiding passion for Italian scooters, I don’t often write about my own financial problems in any great detail. Generally, my view is that while it may be appropriate to refer to personal […]


Don’t let insurers hijack Osborne’s ‘unbiased’ guidance

There are strong indications the Treasury may allow providers to offer George Osborne’s “impartial” guidance despite the widespread concerns of advisers, MPs and consumer groups. Less than a year before the reforms kick in, officials are nervous about how quickly a guidance service can be created to deal with a potential avalanche of queries. The […]


Thanks and goodbye…… from the editor

After five and a half years at the helm this is my last day as editor of Money Marketing. It has been my pleasure and privilege to lead MM through the last few years of considerable change including the recent transformation of our print edition from a pink newspaper into a modern weekly magazine (that […]


Simon Read: Why I’m backing Seven Families

The Seven Families project, launched last week by the Income Protection task Force, could prove to be one of the most significant insurers’ initiatives ever cooked up. With 12 insurers already signed up – including giants such as Aviva, Friends Life, LV=, PruProtect, Scottish Widows and Zurich – it’s a heavyweight affair. But behind the […]


Wells Street Journal: This one’s for Alan as MM cruises to pub quiz victory

The annual Santander Media Quiz saw the great, the good, the bad and the pretty terrible lock horns at one of the pseudo-trendy new bars that accompany the soulless offices developments to have sprung up around Euston Square. A fierce battle ensued between the 17 groups of well fed and watered hacks to be crowned […]


No easy housing market answers despite the easy political soundbites

With the general election less than a year away, politicians are clambering to lead the way in addressing voter concern about an overheating property market. Bank of England governor Mark Carney has described house price growth as the biggest threat to the UK economy. But while calling a London housing bubble has become a popular past-time […]