Phil Young

Phil Young: Why universal basic income keeps being resurrected

Experiments around the world have never been extended into policy, so we assume they have failed. But why does the idea keep coming back? Universal basic income – the idea of giving everyone an adequate monthly income to live on – is a concept so far-fetched it barely merits consideration. That was my view. Then […]

Phil Young: Four huge opportunities in open banking

Open banking could drive advice forward faster than anything else, although it is not without its risks You will have heard a few people talking about open banking lately, so what is it? Its origins are in yet another piece of European regulation – the second Payment Services Directive – and it was pushed along […]


Phil Young: How machine learning will shake-up advice

Machine learning will transform underwriting, fund management and regulation, and could shake-up advice too Having heard the phrase “machine learning” a number of times, it had never occurred to me that I had no idea what it meant. I had assumed it was a figure of speech; consultant speak for “a bit better at sums […]


Phil Young: Where have the advantages of technology gone?

It could be said the benefits of efficiency have been pocketed by financial services executives, instead of being passed to consumers It is hard not to be disappointed by technology in financial services. Surrounded by gadgets and gizmos which amuse and distract us to the point of madness, workplace technology will always seem pedestrian. The […]


Phil Young: Don’t bother with business books

So-called management gurus can cause a lot of damage with their advice The origins of the ‘guru’ are found in the US Constitution’s Bill of Rights, which guaranteed freedom of religion. It triggered a growing and competitive market for religious sects in the States, with new, evangelical ones gaining a 70 per cent market share […]


Phil Young: The sticking points for adviser recruitment

Fighting over those in financial services, rather than garnering interest from outside it, is asking for trouble When you ask the owner of an advice firm what concerns them most, they respond with one of two answers: regulatory change and recruitment. For once, I am going to talk about the latter. Here are the main problems as […]